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Eight more bodies were found Wednesday aboard the shipwrecked Costa Concordia, Italian officials said Wednesday, and seven cruise line employees were being investigated. The bodies were all found on a part of the ship known as bridge four,Air Max 90, which is under water,Air Max 2012, Italian civil protection officials said. The discoveries raise the number of confirmed dead to 25, with seven people still missing. The cruise liner struck rocks and turned on its side January 13 off the Italian island of Giglio. Four of the bodies were recovered Wednesday, including those of a woman, man and little girl, civil protection officials said. They have not been identified. Five-year-old Italian girl Dayana Arlotti is among those unaccounted for after the wreck. Because of deteriorating weather conditions, rescuers from the Italian fire brigade halted recovery operations for Wednesday, officials said. Meanwhile, seven more people -- four Concordia officers and three Costa employees -- are under investigation,Air Max 2012, prosecutor Francesco Verusio said. They include Roberto Ferrarini, head of the cruise lines' crisis unit. Ferrarini was on the phone with the ship's captain, Francesco Schettino, the night of the incident. The seven have not been charged,Nike Hyperfuse, detained or arrested, Verusio said. They are suspected of committing multiple manslaughter, shipwreck and failing to alert maritime authorities. "The establishment of the truth is essential in order for justice to be done in the first instance for the victims but also with regards to our crew and indeed the entire company," Costa said in a statement. "We have complete faith in the judicial system and we have offered our fullest collaboration to the authorities from the very beginning.

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