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A series of blasts last week in Thailand that set off accusations between Iran and Israel involved bombs disguised as radio sets, police said Wednesday. The devices used explosive materials that are not available in Thailand and were likely smuggled in, police said. Police are also looking at a series of stickers reading "SEJEAL," which were found in busy areas of Bangkok. In all,Air Max 2011, 18 have been collected so far from phone booths and street signs, authorities said. "Sejeal" is an Arabic word found in the Quran, referring to small pieces of stone. The Bangkok blasts did not kill anyone, and their intended targets are not clear, although authorities have said they were intended for Israeli diplomats. They went off a day after a device attached to an Israeli Embassy van in New Delhi,Air Max 2012, India, exploded, wounding several people. Another device, found on an embassy car in Tbilisi,Air Max 90, Georgia's capital, was safety detonated. The Thai National Security Council has drawn a tentative link between the bombs in Bangkok and those in India and Georgia,Nike Hyperfuse, saying the materials used in the explosive devices were similar. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has blamed Tehran for the attacks. But Iran has denied the accusation, saying that "Israeli agents are often the perpetrators of such terrorist acts." Arrest warrants have been issued for five suspects, all identified as Iranians. Three are in custody and charged, while two remain at large. Thai authorities are gathering evidence to seek an arrest warrant for a sixth suspect.

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